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History of micro gaming

There’s a lot of history in between the walls of microgaming casino games’. The company launched the very first online casino in 1994, and has been a pioneer in the industry ever since. Today, you can count over 150 casinos worldwide and can play all with different bonus codes offered by numerous casinos online, having more than 850 unique casino having and over 1,500 different variant worldwide .The portfolio includes multi-player, mobile version, poker, bingo, land-based sports betting, live tables, corporate solutions and etc. To top it all off, new titles are released every single month, which keeps them growing. We will take a closer look at what the company has to offer ranging from microgaming casino slots to live plays and land-based solutions.


The very best in Microgaming

An online casino would not work or exist without software, a vital part that makes it all go around. It is the software vendors that make it all possible. It is these companies that are behind and develop all the great machines, both classic and fantastic video with impressive graphics and fun special features. It is not easy to decide among all the different offers out there but you can get top microgaming online casino list, especially not when everyone has different conditions. Maybe you also have something special you are looking for? We have looked closely at what exists, and below you will find the complete list to be favorites.It is very positive to say about the well-known company that has been on the field for many years. Among other things, you will find the largest portfolio provider in the world if you visit a casino. Which means you will find a favourite in the huge selection, no matter what you prefer.


Software from Microgaming

As mentioned, microgaming casino software is not the casinos themselves who are behind, but specialized software developers who are experts in the field. Several of the large vendors have 20-30 years of experience

When playing and spinning the wheels of machines developed and approved by major and reputable developers you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Well-known suppliers of microgaming casino games like Microgaming, Swedish  or Novomatic are not looking to deceive their customers. They want to give you a great gaming experience without having to worry about unnecessary problems, unfair matches or other challenges.

All Microgaming online slots are equipped with a random generator (RNG) which ensures that every single spin is completely random and fair. The supplier and the casino must also publish the machine’s theoretical repayment percentage (RTP). We’ll take a closer look at how micro-gaming makes sure every free play is safe and 100% free of scams. The company is responsible for making this random generator work properly. Therefore, regular tests and certifications are conducted by leading approved independent third party companies.


All casino slot types

There is no doubt that micro-gaming has a strong foothold in the industry. The company has over 650 different titles that include both classic slot machines filled with fruit symbol and nostalgia, advanced video machines with unique special features and jackpot machines where it is possible to win multi-million euro prizes. Whatever type you prefer, you will find a perfect match in selection with different promotions on bonus. Their portfolio is the widest on the market, and to try their exciting match features, visit one of your favourite casinos.

The company has a strong focus on safety and technological development. Therefore, they make sure that every single vending machine is developed with love within a safe and secure environment. All of their machines offer first-class entertainment and great prizes. The most popular titles at Micro-gaming casinos are the classic Jackpot 2000, based on the famous England  players, Game of Thrones, a machine based on the famous HBO series, Tomb Raider, The Dark Night, Avalon, Thunderstruck, Mount Olympus, Immortal Romance and Of course, the jackpot  Mega Moolah which still till today incomparable in term of hitting a jackpot!


Jackpot Progressive

Everybody dreams about becoming a millionaire overnight without being told that is everyone’s idea there with so many and several casino slot offers you  have this chance to fulfil this dream. Some of their most popular titles have an integrated jackpot. An incredible win based on how many people that plays on. The top prize grows until the right combination of a lucky player on the wheels runs off with millions of dollars.

The most popular for the renowned company are Mega Moolah, Major Millions and King Cash alot, who have progressive jackpots. Micro-gaming has released a number of the former versions, including Mega Moolah ISIS, Mega Moolah Summertime and Mega Moolah 5 reel drives all featuring five progressive jackpots. You can go to the fortune jack casino to start playing this most loved.


The Table games

You soon discover that when you visit one of All-jackpot casinos especially if you are playing from New Zealand or Australia, the supplier is not only developing variations. The diverse company also has a wide variety of board and cards in its wide range.You will have a chance to play all poker or blackjack tables, a craps or roulette round. They enables you to try out classical sub category but also innovative and innovative variants that truly bring the excitement to a new level inclusive Texas Hold’em, Triple Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat, Craps and Progressive Jackpot Roulette are all available, All you need to do its register at their microgaming casino sites and begin to play most.


Best game of blackjack

All of the best and new microgaming casino offer a wide range of blackjack opportunities. The company ensures that you can sit at over 50 tables in the hope of turning the dealer on the other side. Blackjack is the most popular card play in Canada and around the world and many enthusiasts enjoy it. The rules are simple, but it’s a long way to master.

Many blackjack may look the same in their large selection, especially as both the graphics and the game-play are quite similar. There are, however, many exciting and unique variants to be tested.

Classic single deck blackjack is a sure winner, but modern versions are also worth a try. The most popular tables are classic blackjack, multi-hand blackjack, European blackjack, downtown Vegas, Hi-Lo 13 European blackjack and blackjack at Atlantic City.

No need to worry about cheats. All their blackjack in which you play against software, have a random generator. This ensures that each card drawn is 100% random and does not use previous cards. The generator cannot be manipulated, which also does not prevent the count of cards from increasing your chances of winning.


Game of Roulette

Roulette is a highly popular table play with hundreds of years of history. A simple but classic that deserves a place in the portfolio of casinos. The aim is to deviate from the pocket of the small bullet when the roulette roll stops.The wheel has 37 or 38 pockets depending on the version you play. The dealer rotates the wheel and sends the ball in a reverse direction. The wheel ends and the ball ends in a pocket. The winner is the person who deviates the correct color or number.

You are guaranteed a unique experience if you go to a microgaming casino download. The developer offers four different versions of roulettes, where you can win great prizes if luck is with you. All have great graphics and give you the impression that you are present in a casino.

The three most popular versions are French play mostly in, European and U.S. roulette. The latter is done by a wheel with two pockets of green (double zero). The French and European versions are both played on a 37-pocket, green wheel. The house has a minor advantage over the American version in European and French.The Company also offers a special and unique roulette edition, where a progressive jackpot can be won. The roulette royal is played with the same rules as the European version on a 37-pocket wheel. The only thing is that you can win a progressive jackpot if you get the same number four times in a row.


Best of Baccarat

No visit to a casino is complete without a baccarat round. You will see many free spins microgaming casino all required is to sit around the table for a favourite round just where you want it. Their version is perfect for beginners and includes an introduction to the rules. The online casino microgaming software also provides a fast pace with good graphics and flawless design.

Although it is developed by one of the best microgaming online casino suppliers, a fair experience is guaranteed to you. Their baccarat table is equipped with a random generator to ensure every single card drawn is random.


Play live Microgaming casino

With the high number of microgaming online casino list, there is no doubt that they have been an important contributor to the revolutionization of the casino industry over the years. They were also one of the first to start the live casino. For 7 years they have given you the chance to play your favourite with real dealers who are streamed from a live studio in real time. You should look for a better gaming experience for a long time and most offer a welcome bonus giving you that leverage.


Flexibility on mobile

The microgaming mobile casino allows you to play blackjack, roulette and baccarat directly from home with real card makers. The company currently has more than 20 operating tables spread across 4 studios. Each table streams HD quality and ensures that you get along every second. If you lose a move, you can watch all or part of the round again.Take a seat around the tables streamed from Playboy Live Studio for really great enthusiasts. Here, glamorous hair drinkers wait for the ultimate experience, regardless of the daytime.

Many people prefer to spin the rolls on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones and play at the casino. You’re able to play anywhere and anytime with availability and flexibility. Microgaming has been developing unique solutions for handheld devices since 2004, realizing that this is the future.

The majority have been developed in HTML5, making their mobile portfolio the largest on the market. There are 350 + sub group features like, table, live casinos, multi-player sports betting on different smartphones. Everyone is running on Android, iOS and Windows latest versions.

Every month they launch new slots that are all mobile compatible. The company is pioneering and has even built the very first slot-machine in the Samsung Galaxy Gear Collection that operates on smart clocks.



The industry is full of anticipation and elegance. There are various best microgaming online casinos which provide the availability for you to check out the full portfolio of 850 subgroups. This is a company with a large presence in the casino business that has committed to defining the market that we see today..

Nevertheless, we feel that the new Microgaming cannot meet the standards of other competing developers. Has remained professional and also excellent visuals, fantastic technology and innovative play. However, micro-gaming casino need to step in and prove that they can still develop top entertainment to keep up with competitors.

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